High Five to FreezPak – Food Logistics’ 2016 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

October 7, 2016

hydrogen day logoNational Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (10.08) was created to help raise awareness of a clean energy technology that is here now. We’re celebrating all week. This victory highlights success for these solutions, today.


High Five to FreezPak – Food Logistics’ 2016 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

By Jose Luis Crespo, VP Global Sales

Plug Power touts its ability to assist customers in improving productivity, lowering operational costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, it is not every day that a customer is given an award for their operational efficiencies vis-à-vis Plug Power fuel cells (although it should be!).FreezPak hydrogen and fuel cell

FreezPak Logistics was awarded Food Logistics’ 2016 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers.  As noted by Food Logistics “The companies on this year’s Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers list continue to improve their expertise and keep up with the latest temperature monitoring technologies, transportation management systems and warehouse management systems.“

FreezPak operates an “around-the-clock” cold storage distribution freezer warehouse in New Jersey. This property was built from the ground up, with operational enhancements and systems designed with a more productive and predictive workforce in mind. As it turns out, Plug Power’s full service GenKey offering fits perfectly with these initiatives.

Cold storage applications represent a sweet-spot for Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell units. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which display significant power degradation in cold temperatures, GenDrive fuel cells operate at maximum performance all shift long in environments as low as -22 degrees F.hfcsolution

The Saoud brothers, co-owners of FreezPak commented “FreezPak sees the use of Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells as a way to bring green technology to our new facility, and a means to improve our operations and better serve customers,” said David Saoud.

Michael Saoud continued, “FreezPak is committed to investing in and adopting sustainable solutions that will allow us to enhance our operations and successfully compete with other cold storage service providers.”

Since commencement with its GenDrive-powered fleet in 2015, FreezPak has seen battery changes eliminated and its operators refueling the units themselves in just minutes at strategically placed, onsite GenFuel hydrogen dispensers.

Fuel cell business case

Today, FreezPak is not only operating in the cold storage industry more competitively, securing their place on the Food Logistics list, but they are also contemplating expansion and growth initiatives.

On behalf of the Plug Power team, I’d like to congratulate FreezPak on its award, thank them for their business and trust in us, and for continued success and growth in the future.  #InfiniteDrive