Green Hydrogen at Work

Why Green Hydrogen?

To electrify everything, the world needs access to affordable, zero-carbon green hydrogen.


What is Green Hydrogen?

Plug uses electrolyzers and electricity made from renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro-electric, and nuclear power to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

The resulting green hydrogen powers forklifts, commercial trucks, airplanes, data centers, backup power generation, industrial manufacturing, and more.

Does Green Hydrogen Have a Future?

Plug’s customer demand for hydrogen has grown by 10 times in five years — nearly a 200% annual growth rate. And now, in the face of extraordinary global regulatory tailwinds, more industrial users believe that green hydrogen is a solution to their toughest climate and operational challenges.

Making Green Hydrogen Real

Green Hydrogen in Georgia, USA

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Green Hydrogen to HOPE, North Sea

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Green Hydrogen in Europe

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Can Green Hydrogen Replace Fossil Fuels?

Plug makes green hydrogen economical, easy, and everywhere. Green hydrogen can power at least 20% of the world. We are actively marketing our clean energy solutions to a wide range of customers worldwide.

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