Electrolysis Complements a Multitude of Industries

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier enabling renewable energy systems. Hydrogen from electrolysis is key to producing large quantities of sustainable energy. Plug has a clear development roadmap to green hydrogen at a cost of $1.50 per kilogram.

Market Drivers

The remarkable potential for green hydrogen to reduce emissions is creating demand across many industries. Manufacturers with hard-to-abate processes, such as iron and steel production and chemical refining, are looking to hydrogen as an alternative to coal and natural gas. Transportation, especially in long haul and high payload and utilization applications, are looking to replace diesel with hydrogen. And communities around the world are demanding that hydrogen be blended into existing gas pipelines to make residential and commercial gas consumption cleaner and more efficient.

Electrolysis Brings Green Hydrogen to the Mainstream

Recent advances in proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis have made the process of electrolysis significantly more efficient in terms of both energy usage and operational costs. This, in turn, has made it much easier to couple electrolyzer systems with dynamic renewable energy sources like hydro, wind and solar.

Plug is Fueling the Green Hydrogen Economy


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