At the heart of everything we do
is an unrelenting spirit of innovation
and a desire to dream big.

Plug is committed to a people-first culture driven by these values:

Innovate – Create new ideas, approaches and technologies that change the world. Be insatiably curious and confident. Learn and adapt quickly. Constantly strive to exceed expectations.

Communicate – Listen and seek to understand. Hear inspiration and seek expertise from across the globe. Communicate openly and honestly; be transparent.

Humble, but Gutsy – Embrace new opportunities with a fearless, action-oriented perspective. Learn and iterate. Truly game-changing ideas are rarely safe.

Collaborate – Be inclusive and involve the right people. Let go where appropriate and trust your team members to do their part.

Respect – Respect each other and individual unique experiences and expertise. Treat everyone with dignity, compassion and professionalism.

True – Act with integrity. Be helpful. Do the right thing.