Clean Hydrogen Solutions by Plug's GenFuel

Plug develops scalable hydrogen solutions that make it easy for professionals in e-mobility, material handling, and stationary power markets to adopt clean fuel cell power. Our ultimate goal is to make green hydrogen a ubiquitous fuel.

Three Key Components of GenFuel Hydrogen

Hydrogen Molecule

Plug provides hydrogen delivery to customer sites based on customer use – on average, a material handling customer can use 200-300kg of hydrogen each day, whereas a stationary power customer may have more seasonal fueling requirements.

Hydrogen Stations & Storage Cabinets

GenFuel services include the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and maintenance for all of the components required to successfully store hydrogen at large or small new or existing sites without disrupting operations.

Hydrogen Dispensers

With its proprietary hydrogen dispensers, Plug ensures a perfect integration of the fueling system with its fuel cell products, including fast-fill and industrial IoT reporting to help users keep track of their latest performance.

Hydrogen for E-Mobility

It’s a simple process, much like fueling a car. Fuel cell-powered vehicles drive to any available GenFuel station, connect the fueling hoses, and are back in operation in just minutes.

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Hydrogen for Stationary

GenFuel hydrogen storage enables customers to house fuel on-site, maintaining a constant fuel supply as needed for the GenSure fuel cell systems. Our tiered response offering allows you to manage both normal refills and disaster recovery models.

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