High-risk Fire Zones and Electrical Power Transmission

Electrical power, to be of use, must be moved. Transmission lines used to be standard but are increasingly identified as a major cause of wildfires. But the world is changing. More industries are electrifying. The demand for power is only growing. With the current infrastructure looking more and more unsafe, what options are left?

Fuel Cell Power Generation Reduces Fire Risk

Electrical transmission lines aren’t going anywhere soon. But during periods of high fire risk, utilities should be able to shut down those unsafe lines while still providing power to their customers. Plug’s fuel cell power system allows them to do just that, providing clean, reliable, affordable, safe, independent power generation downstream of the risky transmission lines.




Products Delivering Performance for Our Fuel Cell Customers

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing diesel generators with zero-emission fuel cell backup power.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps sites in operation for hydrogen customers.

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Aftermarket care keeps backup power for fuel cell customers ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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