On a Path to a Clean Energy Future with Hydrogen

Hydrogen is unique as it serves as both a fuel and as energy storage, making it one of the keys to a clean energy future. Hydrogen is zero-emission at point-of-use, providing many global benefits to the world’s energy demands in adoption.

Hydrogen Benefit 1: Flexibility to the Power Grid

Hydrogen can store renewable electricity during times of peak or excess generation and then be used during periods of peak demand, increasing the reliability and resilience of the power grid.

Hydrogen Benefit 2: Environmental and Health

Hydrogen is an optimal energy solution in areas that are difficult to decarbonize. Hydrogen advantages include eliminating emissions to improve regional air quality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions; hydrogen reduces CO2, particulates, and NOx emissions as compared to internal combustion engines.

Hydrogen Benefit 3: Energy Security

Locally-produced hydrogen increases the energy security of every nation by decreasing the need for energy imports while creating industry and employment growth opportunities across a variety of markets.

Hydrogen Benefit 4: Job Creation

According to to the McKinsey report “Hydrogen, Scaling Up”, by 2050 the hydrogen economy could support global revenues of more than $2.5 trillion per year, with jobs for more than 30 million people, strengthening the U.S. economy.