Driving a Shift to Electrification

We manufacture fuel cell engines for e-mobility and provide associated hydrogen infrastructure that enables green, sustainable power for companies that demand high-asset utilization in an electrified world.

Seize the Power of Hydrogen

Hydrogen powered engines extend range and leave more room for payload than other electric vehicle power solutions. Because of the runtime and charging efficiency gained by using hydrogen fuel cells, businesses are better able to serve the entire electrified logistics network.

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Fleet Vehicles

For electric fleets demanding high-asset utilization, fuel cells always win. The hydrogen-fueled solution offers an improved experience and value proposition over battery power, with a similar range and power profile to traditional vehicles.

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Ground Support (GSE)

Global ports utilizing Ground Support Equipment powered by fuel cells for e-mobility are able to clean up emissions while decreasing operational costs. They are also able to maintain the range and fast fueling times of traditional electric vehicles.

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Industrial Robotics

Fuel cells for e-mobility are powering small-scale industrial robotics, a burgeoning market in logistics and warehousing, enabling businesses to operate with increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

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Hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) solutions provide high specific energy for longer-duration flights, combined with the benefits of fast fueling, which allow customers to maximize the utilization of these aerospace/UAV assets.

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