Robust, Reliable Telecom Backup Power

As the telecommunications environment continues to evolve, reliability, uptime, and continuity of service are critical metrics for network operators. Our GenSure fuel cells replace dirty diesel generators with a zero-emissions fuel cell telecom backup generator that is cost-effective and highly reliable.

Preventing Downtime and Loss of Service

Loss of power to communications equipment can mean millions of dollars in downtime and a loss of service to critical customers. A reliable telecommunications backup power system is paramount and can save service providers money as well as lives.

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Predictable Backup Power for an Unpredictable World

Plug provides industry-leading design coupled with decades of deployments in mission critical applications. Our GenSure fuel cells deliver superior reliability specifically tailored to meet the needs for wireline and wireless telecom  backup power.

  • Redundant
  • Modular & Scalable
  • Cost-Effective with Minimal Maintenance
  • Low Operating Expense
  • Field Serviceable

Products Delivering Performance

GenSure LP-2500

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing dirty diesel generators with a zero-emissions fuel cell telecom backup generator.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps telecom sites in operation.

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Aftermarket care keeps telecommunications backup power generators ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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