Decreased Confidence in Imported Power

Foreign power sources (either power plants or power plant feedstock) are often located in areas that are seen as geopolitically unacceptable. Depending on those foreign sources to provide power for our communities while our industries require more power has proven to be a political and economic problem.

Domestic Power Generation is Critical

Plug’s fuel cell power system provides clean, reliable, safe, independent power without having to rely on unstable foreign sources. Plug’s fuel cells can be integrated into a domestic system that employs renewable energy sources, distributed energy generation, and storage systems to create a power structure that is  environmentally friendly and geopolitically stable.




Products Delivering Performance for Our Fuel Cell Customers

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing diesel generators with zero-emission fuel cell backup power.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps sites in operation for hydrogen customers.

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Aftermarket care keeps backup power for fuel cell customers ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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