Electrolyzer Hydrogen Solutions Now

Onsite hydrogen production is your best solution when your demand for hydrogen and access to low-cost energy are high.

Make Your Own Hydrogen

Electrolyzers use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The cleaner the electricity, the greener the hydrogen.

Using proton exchange membrane technology, Plug’s PEM electrolyzers are modular, scalable hydrogen generators optimized for clean hydrogen production. They are ideal to pair with renewable and intermittent energy sources like solar and wind to produce green hydrogen at low cost.

Putting Electrolyzers to Work

Hyvia electrolyzer

Plug and Hyvia

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Plug electrolyzer at Amazon

Plug Electrolyzers at Amazon

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Plug's BEDP in Europe

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Learn More About Electrolyzers


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Download the 4250D Electrolyzer spec sheet
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Plug Electrolyzer Solutions

EX-2125D electrolyzer

Plug EX-2125D Electrolyzer

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EX-4250D electrolyzer

Plug EX-4250D Electrolyzer

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Scaled Up and Ready to Go

Plug hydrogen liquefiers

Plug Hydrogen Liquefiers

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Plug Cryogenic Solutions

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Plug electrolyzer value prop

Plug's Electrolyzer Value Proposition

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