Sustainable Fuel Cell Products for an Electrified World

Green hydrogen-powered fuel cells are not future, they’re now. And they’re revolutionizing how the world works.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Electrifying Now.

With a billion hours of runtime and counting, Plug leads the fuel cell charge, supplying economic, zero-emission fuel cell solutions for material handling, stationary power, and on road-mobility, including fleet vehicles.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Carrefour choose Plug PEM fuel cells because they deliver – improving productivity and building a cleaner environment.

Real Products. Real Customers. Real Results.

Plug fuel cell power at FreezPak

Plug at FreezPak

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Plug fuel cell power at Hyvia

Plug at Hyvia

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Plug and Microsoft

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Why Fuel Cells?

Here are Five Fuel Cell Benefits You Should Know!

  • Zero-emission performance
  • Robust reliability
  • Lower operational costs
  • Scalability
  • Improved efficiency and availability

Plug Fuel Cells at Work

Fuel cell power for material handling

Material Handling

Get out of battery prison. Increase fleet sustainability and reduce operational costs.

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Stationary fuel cell power

Stationary Power

Plug delivers power that’s predictable when everything else isn’t.

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Automotive fuel cell power

OnRoad Mobility

Extend range, increase payload, and improve onroad productivity

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Literature & Resources

Learn more about our fuel cell products by browsing our literature and resources.

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