Delivering Fuel Cell Sustainability in an Electrified World

Businesses and customers care about their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment, driving a shift toward electrification and clean energy sources. Our mission is to build the clean hydrogen economy – green hydrogen sustainability solutions that lower carbon footprints, increase productivity, and lower operating costs.

2021 ESG Report

“Our stance is Plug will only support activity that promotes the green hydrogen economy,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug. “Our focus is to do more, be more and help more than simply supplying the hydrogen ecosystem. We are being proactive to grow a company as good citizens at a global scale—addressing everything from product end of life to employee diversity to maintaining responsibility for our own environmental impact.”

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500 TPD
Green Hydrogen by 2025

of annual CO2 abatement
(Hydrogen Council 2050 Hydrogen Economy vision)

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