Hydrogen Liquefiers

Plug’s hydrogen liquefiers make clean, reliable fuel economical for our customers and yours.

Leaders in Liquid

Plug offers ultra-efficient liquefier systems that provide energy-dense fuel for a global economy.

Our liquefiers complete our hydrogen ecosystem, streamlining the process of generation, liquefaction, and distribution.

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Reliability and Operability

Plug’s liquefaction technology centers around a gaseous nitrogen precooling stage and gaseous hydrogen refrigeration stage to reduce the required equipment. This design increases plant reliability and availability while minimizing parasitic losses like heat leak and seal gas losses. 

Optimal Plant Efficiencies

Plug’s liquefiers are guaranteed to have a specific energy consumption (SEC) below 11 kWh/kg. The versatile design enables operation over a wide ambient temperature range while maintaining nameplate capacity.

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Maximized Plant Availability

Our 30-ton-per-day liquefiers utilize two, 50% hydrogen refrigeration compressors to maximize plant availability — ensuring Plug’s liquefiers can always supply liquid hydrogen to customers.

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Trackable Performance

Plug’s liquefiers are fully instrumented to provide operators actionable information in real-time and track liquefier performance over the life of the plant. Our integrated control system leverages machine learning to optimize liquefier performance and inform preventative maintenance schedules.

Liquefaction Products

Plug’s 15 ton-per-day and 30 ton-per-day liquefiers are engineered for high efficiency, reliability, and operational flexibility — providing consistent liquid hydrogen to customers.

Download  LX-15T and LX-30T Liquefaction Product Information
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