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The Face of Green Hydrogen

Plug is leading the green hydrogen revolution, helping the world transition to a global net-zero economy. We are building an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem to make hydrogen, a zero-carbon energy source, economical, easy, and everywhere.

Leading the Way

As a global leader in hydrogen fuel-supply solutions and in hydrogen applications for material handling, power generation, and e-mobility, Plug is proud of the work we do to accelerate hydrogen adoption worldwide.

Putting Green Hydrogen to Work

Plug listens to customers, giving them what they need to make hydrogen the best choice for their companies. We put green hydrogen to work so they can decarbonize in ways that make operational sense.

Plug built the first commercially viable markets for fuel cells in material handling. Today, our end-to-end hydrogen value chain includes electrolyzers to make green hydrogen and the infrastructure needed to liquefy, store, transport, dispense, and convert hydrogen into carbon-free electricity.


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Plug Milestones


Plug becomes a publicly-traded company


Plug releases and ships the first fuel cell systems for stationary power


Plug enters the European market


Plug acquires Cellex and General Hydrogen and begins building the first commercial market for fuel cells in material handling


Plug deploys the GenKey solution, bundling fuel cells, hydrogen, dispensing, and service for easy adoption.


Plug acquires ReliOn, adding fuel cell stack technology and stationary power products.


Plug ships first ProGen fuel cell engines, expanding Plug’s ecosystem into on-road electric vehicles.


Plug acquires American Fuel Cell, bringing fuel cell MEA production in-house.


Plug acquires EnergyOr, adding expertise in fuel cell systems for robotics, small-scale material handling, and aerospace applications


Plug acquires United Hydrogen and Giner ELX, expanding capabilities in hydrogen generation, liquefaction, and distribution logistics, and in PEM electrolysis


Plug continues to build out green hydrogen ecosystem with strategic partnerships and acquisitions in cryogenics (Applied Cryo Technologies), electrolyzers (Frames Group), on-road mobility (Hyvia), and with SK Group to accelerate hydrogen adoption in Asian markets


Plug acquires Joule Processing LLC., to expand hydrogen liquefaction and cryogenics capabilities


Plug starts production and first customer fills of liquid green hydrogen from its Georgia plant, the largest green hydrogen plant in the USA.

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Green Hydrogen

Learn how Plug is making green hydrogen economical, easy, and everywhere

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