Clean Reliable Power When & Where You Need It

Whether you’re trying to solve for when the grid power goes out or where the grid power can’t serve your needs, our fuel cells and turnkey hydrogen solutions can power your operations.

Generating Results

Our stationary power customers have already installed highly-reliable, clean, cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell systems in 3,000 locations across 46 U.S. states and 34 countries on 5 continents – and applications and adoption continue to grow.

Plug’s stationary fuel cell systems can provide clean, reliable power where and when needed. Whether for backup, intermittent, or continuous power, these systems provide energy resiliency and independence so your business operations can run seamlessly continue.

Explore Your Application

Data Centers

Scalable, zero-emission backup power serving the insatiable global need for data storage.

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EV charging

EV Charging

Power for EV charging to enable vehicle fleet operators and public charging networks to work around grid constraints and get EVs on the road faster.

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Fire Reduction

During periods of high fire risk, utilities should be able to shut down those unsafe lines while still providing power to their customers.

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Capacity Firming

Hydrogen powered fuel cells can supplement renewable energy sources and firm the grid’s capacity with stable, zero emission power.

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Energy Independence

Plug’s fuel cell power system provides clean, reliable, safe, independent power without having to rely on unstable foreign sources.

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Site hardening for mission-critical communications.

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Sustainable backup power adding to the energy security of today’s grid-tied or islanded microgrids.

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Protecting railway communications and signaling against grid-interruption events.

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Superior reliability for critical communication networks where uptime is profit and a phone call can be life-saving. 

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Increasing reliability and runtime for substation control (SCADA) and communications networks (utility telecom) – the keys to maintaining control of the electrical grid. 

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