Keeping Industry Going Even When Grid Power is Out

Our backup power customers are a diverse set of industry leaders seeking stationary power solutions for the kinds of challenges the world throws at them every day: weather, temperature, and location-based.

Generating Reliability

There is a common thread among our backup power customers – the need to serve their customers even when grid power is temporarily out of service, unreliable, or non-existent at the site. Our stationary power customers have already installed highly-reliable, clean, cost-effective GenSure hydrogen fuel cells at nearly 3,000 locations in 46 United States and 34 countries on 5 continents – and adoption continues to grow.

Explore Your Application

Data Centers

Scalable, zero-emission backup power serving the insatiable global need for data storage.

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Site hardening for mission-critical communications.

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Sustainable backup power adding to the energy security of today’s grid-tied or islanded microgrids.

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Protecting railway communications and signaling against grid-interruption events.

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Superior reliability for critical communication networks where uptime is profit and a phone call can be life-saving. 

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Increasing reliability and runtime for substation control (SCADA) and communications networks (utility telecom) – the keys to maintaining control of the electrical grid. 

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