Zero-Emission Power Backing Up Critical Storage for Data Centers

Our world runs on shared data that is integral to global transactions of all kinds, relying on small and large data centers that house and backup all that information. A large data center can use as much electricity as a small town, and when the grid goes down, transactions stop. That’s why backup power for data centers is critical.

Backup Power for Server Farms

Data center server farms have traditionally been powered by the utility, with diesel and natural gas generators, providing necessary backup power. Increasingly, companies relying on data centers understand their greenhouse gas footprint and are seeking more sustainable options. GenSure fuel cells provide scalable, zero-emission, highly-reliable backup power – a superior alternative to traditional combustion generators.

The H2 Council’s Road Map to a U.S. Hydrogen Economy

Energy leaders agree that shifting to hydrogen offers the U.S. an opportunity to extend its leadership in energy innovation.

“The use of hydrogen fuel cells instead of diesel generators in data centers appears on track to achieve cost parity in three to five years and has additional advantages, such as reduced clean air permit constraints and increased operational flexibility,” stated the “Road Map to the Hydrogen Economy” study.

Read the full study here.

Products Delivering Performance for Our Fuel Cell Customers

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing Diesel Generators with zero-emission fuel cell backup power.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps sites in operation for hydrogen customers.

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Aftermarket care keeps backup power for fuel cell customers ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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