Clean power to charge EVs where the grid cannot

Electric vehicle charging is generating demand for more clean, reliable power in more places more quickly. By 2030, there will be an estimated 48 million EVs on the road in the U.S. This will have profound effects on electrical-grid capacity and delivery. That’s why having on-site power generation can be one of the keys to getting your EVs on the road.

Distributed Energy Storage and Generation Needed for a Healthy Grid System

When the grid can’t provide enough power quickly to get EV charging stations up and running, distributed energy storage and generation are a way to solve the problem. Plug’s green hydrogen stores the energy and fuel cells generate the power. Our solution is a home run for peak-power EV charging, enabling EV operators to avoid grid-upgrade costs and ensure EV-charging reliability so they can deploy new EVs or expand their existing ones sooner. We can also guarantee that the energy they’re using to power their EVs is truly clean.

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Products Delivering Performance for Our Fuel Cell Customers

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing Diesel Generators with zero-emission fuel cell backup power.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps sites in operation for hydrogen customers.

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Aftermarket care keeps backup power for fuel cell customers ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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