Renewable Energy and Grid Stability

Extreme weather events are increasing. We need to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy like wind, solar, and hydro onto the electric grid. But the intermittent nature of renewable energy challenges a stable grid capacity. We cannot abandon renewable energy sources because they are intermittent, yet our society cannot tolerate an inconsistent grid.

The Need for On-Demand Clean Power Generation

Solar power generation demands consistent sunlight. Wind power demands wind. When those renewable sources drop, Plug’s fuel cell power system can quickly put massive amounts of dispatchable power onto the grid. Whether it’s cloudy for an hour or for days, hydrogen powered fuel cells can supplement these renewable sources and firm the grid’s capacity with stable, zero emission power.




Products Delivering Performance for Our Fuel Cell Customers

Fuel Cell Power Generation

Replacing diesel generators with zero-emission fuel cell backup power.

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Hydrogen storage and fast fueling keeps sites in operation for hydrogen customers.

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Aftermarket care keeps backup power for fuel cell customers ready to perform at optimal efficiency.

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