Hydrogen Fuel Cells Sustainably Drive GSE Operations Forward

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is used in port fleets around the world – this includes airport baggage tractor tuggers, belt loaders, and deck loaders. Fuel cell-powered electric GSE equipment is today’s zero-emission answer to a number of issues with traditional diesel power.

Benefits of Fuel Cell-Powered GSE Equipment

  • Zero-emission operation improves sustainability
  • Fuel cells are 45% energy efficient compared to diesel at 20%
  • Decreased maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts with fuel cell power

Compared to battery-powered electric vehicles, fuel cells offer longer ranges and faster refueling, with a hydrogen storage system that easily scales without taking up the space charging stations require.

Products Delivering Performance


Drop-in fuel cell power replaces batteries in existing ground support equipment.

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Fuel cell engines allow OEMs to design new GSE equipment.

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Aftermarket care keeps ground support equipment fleets at optimal efficiency.

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GenFuel - Hydrogen Solutions


Hydrogen storage and fast outdoor fueling keeps operators of GSE equipment working.

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