Accelerating E-Mobility with Fuel Cells

The fuel cell engine suite is designed as flexible, power-building blocks for use in transportation
and stationary power products.

Sustainable Fuel Cell Engines for Companies with High Asset-Utilization

Plug offers a range of ProGen engines supporting light, medium, and heavy-duty electric vehicles. In asset-intensive applications, fuel cells will always win. ProGen fuel cell engine solutions are ideal because they allow fleets to achieve greater range and payload for the lowest cost of ownership. Plus, fueling is completed in less than three minutes so your vehicle can get immediately back to service – much like fueling an on-road vehicle today.

Flexible Power Solutions

ProGen engines offer flexibility to OEMs developing fuel cell electric vehicles and equipment for a range of markets. From low power to high, on-road to off-road, vehicles to stationary generators, ProGen hydrogen fuel cells offer zero-emissions, high reliability, and fast fueling for a variety of applications where power and productivity are critical.

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ProGen fuel cell engines provide solutions for all components of the logistics chain, from manufacturing and warehousing to middle- and last-mile delivery.

Light Duty

Zero-emissions solutions for warehouse equipment manufacturers producing products like AGVs, small robotics, and aerospace UAVs.

Medium Duty

Delivery vans or light/medium duty cargo trucks used for on-road middle-mile delivery.

Heavy Duty

On-road trucking fleets for high utilization last-mile delivery or long-haul trucking.

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