GenFuel: A Hydrogen Solution for Zero-Emission Vehicles

As the energy and transportation industries merge, along with the coupling of social and market pressures to limit our reliance on fossil fuels, Plug continues to innovate to meet the world’s clean energy demands with hydrogen solutions for e-mobility applications. Plug is the world’s largest supplier and user of liquid hydrogen, and is growing fueling solutions into a range of transportation and motive power applications. In high-asset utilization applications, hydrogen wins every time. 

GenFuel Onsite Fueling Options for Your Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Plug is the industry leader constructing high-availability hydrogen stations. As a result, we have deployed more than 50,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility – more than anyone else in the world – essentially building and operating a hydrogen highway across North America.

Plug’s GenFuel solution provides a standardized onsite fueling infrastructure. GenFuel sites can be completely constructed in as little as 16 weeks. We build cost-effective and high-performance infrastructure every day – so the process is seamless. It’s professional, and it’s done properly.

Plug’s hydrogen dispensers are designed to interface perfectly with the GenDrive or ProGen fuel cell to offer convenient opportunity-hydrogen fills indoors or outdoors, in just minutes.

Standard Liquid Hydrogen Station

A standard liquid hydrogen fueling station is simple, and consists of three primary components:

  • Bulk Storage Tank. Cryogenic storage that holds between 15,000-18,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen at -423°F
  • Compression Pumps: The system compresses liquid hydrogen to gaseous hydrogen at 7,000 psi
  • Gaseous Storage Tubes: The storage system holds approximately 120kg of gaseous hydrogen, enough for even the largest material handling facility.

It’s that simple. From here, piping is continuous between the outdoor pad and the hydrogen dispenser, assuring no potential leak point between mechanical connections.

Every Six Seconds, a Plug E-Mobility Fuel Cell is Refilled Using GenFuel Hydrogen

It’s All About Safety

In addition to meeting the latest hydrogen fueling regulations, GenFuel dispensers offer features to prevent operator errors:

  • Depowering of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle during refill
  • Monitoring of hydrogen tank temperatures
  • Safety pressure mat to ensure drivers don’t leave fueling stations during a fill
  • Interior bollard/rail system for added safety

The proprietary GenFuel hydrogen dispensers offer customers remote monitoring capabilities, providing the ability to acquire real-time operational metrics and system notifications for convenient access to fuel levels. Hundreds of thousands of kilograms of hydrogen are dispensed from GenFuel stations daily, proving reliable in the most demanding environments.