Ready to Perform, Even in the Worst Conditions

Plug offers its GenFuel hydrogen services to stationary power customers using the GenSure fuel cell systems. Comprehensive GenFuel hydrogen storage enables customers to house fuel on site, maintaining a constant fuel supply as needed for the GenSure hydrogen backup power fuel cell systems. The fuel cabinets provide storage for multiple standard hydrogen cylinders, allowing for the ability to scale hydrogen supply to meet a wide array of runtime requirements.

Fueling Options for Every Application


Bulk Refueling

Similar to a diesel refueling model, a fueling trailer pulls up to the fuel cell location, connects a hose from the fuel truck to the hydrogen storage fueling power, and adds hydrogen fuel to the cylinders. The entire process takes about 20 minutes and can be accomplished while the fuel cells are operating.


Cylinder Exchange

Refueling is accomplished when an industrial gas truck arrives at a fuel cell location and exchanges full cylinders of hydrogen for empty ones.

Hydrogen Fuel When You Need It

Our tiered response offering allows you to manage both normal refills and disaster recovery models. Plug’s hydrogen solutions are fueling global operations today. GenFuel’s one-stop hydrogen solutions simplify the transition of your operation to reliable and clean hydrogen backup power.