Making Clean Hydrogen Adoption a Reality Today

Keeping Pace with Hydrogen Growth

Plug’s customer demand for hydrogen has grown 10 times in five years — nearly a 200% annual growth rate. From a market perspective, McKinsey expects hydrogen will provide 18% of global energy by 2050. As the world’s largest supplier and user of liquid hydrogen, we’re positioned as the forward-thinking company, leading the expansion of green hydrogen technologies while growing their use into a range of transportation and stationary power applications.

Benefits of Hydrogen Power

The benefits of hydrogen adoption are many, including power grid flexibility, environmental, energy security, and job growth.

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Green Hydrogen

The development and growth of green hydrogen production is expanding as the industry tackles the increase in sustainable fuel cell use across the globe.

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Hydrogen Cities

Innovation is driving a roadmap for tomorrow’s hydrogen cities, as companies and the industry look to a more sustainable way of living.

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