Plug Power’s Impact to the Greater-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market

December 6, 2016

By: Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power

Some things are undeniable facts.

Like the fact that Plug Power has more than 13,000 fuel cell systems powering more electric vehicles with hydrogen than anyone in the world.

And, like the fact that Plug Power customers perform 10,000 hydrogen fuelings every day in commercial applications on Plug Power-designed hydrogen stations.

And, like the fact that Plug Power built the market for commercially-viable fuel cell use in material handling applications – a market that’s growing at such a fast rate that these numbers will be outdated by the time you finish reading this blog.

The work that Plug Power has done is opening up opportunities for the greater-hydrogen fuel cell market. But Plug Power isn’t the only company working hard to further fuel cell-electric vehicle (FCV) use around the world. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) president, Morry Markowitz, has written an opinion editorial discussing the importance of both FCVs and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which has been published in Automotive News’ print issue – check it out! It’s clear that that hydrogen fuel cells really are a “made-in-America”, home-grown solution and have an essential place in the inevitable electrification of global transportation.

But what’s next?

Plug Power is now taking its technology leadership to the rest of the world; to Europe, where hydrogen infrastructure is rapidly developing, and Asia, where fuel cells are being incorporated into the long term initiatives of several nations. In some cases, like China, these markets represent near term opportunities larger than those seen in the USA.

How are we doing it? Plug Power offers complete systems, like GenDrive fuel cell systems and GenFuel hydrogen stations. to provide increased productivity and efficiency for customers today. And also building blocks like ProGen hydrogen engines, which give a wide variety of customers maximum flexibility for their own products under development. Whether it’s industrial mobility, fleet vehicles, drones or passenger cars, the market for fuel cells will continue to expand.

Plug Power is excited about our place within the emerging hydrogen world. We’re excited about our ability to change the way the world moves with a home-grown technology, now and tomorrow. #InfiniteDrive