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Plug Power’s full suite of GenDrive fuel cell products provides solutions for global industrial mobility. GenDrive fuel cells fit seamlessly into existing electric forklift, pallet jack and other material handling truck fleets and have been accruing hundreds of thousands of hours of runtime in some of the largest and most demanding material handling centers in North America and Europe. An economically viable power solution, GenDrive fuel cells allow businesses to streamline operations while maximizing fleet uptime and reducing greenhouse gas emissions within their facilities.

GenDrive fuel cells are a superior alternative to industrial lead-acid batteries in electric class-1, class-2 and class-3 material handling equipment. A drop-in replacement for batteries, GenDrive fuel cells provide 100% power to the truck at all times, even in freezer environments as low as -22°F. Battery degradation and untimely trips to the battery room are eliminated. GenDrive fuel cells allow the lift truck to operate at peak speeds at all times, independent of how much fuel is left in the tank.

GenDrive forklift fuel cells never require charging or changing. Battery changing requires 15 minutes per shift compared to two minutes for hydrogen refueling. Over a year, that 13 minutes per shift saved represents over 234 hours of lost productivity per forklift truck in a three-shift operation. One fuel cell for one truck – it’s that simple.

Tested. Proven. Rugged. Reliable.

  • Increased Productivity
    Battery-powered lift trucks lose approximately 14% of their speed over the last half of the battery charge. GenDrive fuel cells maintain constant power at all times, keeping the vehicle running at full speed throughout the entire shift.
  • Lower Operational Costs
    The GenDrive fuel cell solution eliminates the need to change, charge and manage batteries. The units run longer than lead-acid batteries and can be fueled in as little as two minutes, substantially reducing vehicle and personnel downtime. Labor normally used to charge batteries can be tasked with other important business objectives. Fueling the GenDrive is as simple as fueling a car.
  • Zero Emissions
    Safe. Clean. Efficient. The GenDrive fuel cell solution produces no harmful emissions and eliminates the costs associated with handling and storing toxic materials.
  • More Commercial Space
    Compact hydrogen fueling stations replace large battery charging rooms, freeing up valuable warehouse space for other purposes. Since battery rooms are no longer needed, approximately 7% of the distribution center is recovered to set up inventory and revenue-generating operations.
  • Transparent Transition
    GenDrive fuel cell units fit seamlessly into the space occupied by batteries on all lift trucks, making them a simple and cost-effective solution for professionals to adopt.

More than 80 Products to Match Every Forklift Truck in Your Fleet

GenDrive fuel cells work as a drop-in power solution for electric lift trucks from all leading global truck manufacturers. Plug Power’s GenDrive product suite has three platforms comprising more than 80 different products and are qualified to meet the demands of a wide range of end-user fleets.

Regardless of the mix of industrial mobility equipment you run in your fleet, Plug Power has a GenDrive system to provide fuel cell power for every model. It’s our ability to convert 100% of our customer’s fleet to hydrogen fuel cells that maintains our leadership status in the material handling fuel cell market.

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