Stationary Power Fuel Cells

Plug Power’s backup power customers are a diverse set of industry leaders seeking solutions to the kinds of power challenges the world throws at them every day.

GenSure is the answer!

  • Urban, suburban, rural and remote locationsGrid power storm
  • Temperature ranges from -40oF (-40oC) to 122oF (50oC)
  • Climates including desert (semi-arid and arid), tropical, marine, mountain
  • Weather events including hurricanes, winter storms, electrical storms and wind events
  • Power requirements from 50W to 20kW

These customers have in common the desire to serve their customers even when grid power is temporarily out of service, unreliable or non-existent at the site. We have that goal as well, and strive to provide fuel cell products that help do the job better. Plug Power stationary customers have installed more than 6.3MW of highly reliable, clean, cost-effective GenSure (formerly called ReliOn) fuel cells in 46 U.S. States and 34 countries on 5 continents. We invite you to become a Plug Power customer. Contact us to start the