A Tale of Two Trade Shows

October 3, 2019

Last week, Plug Power participated in two trade shows, showcasing our fuel cell solutions for two different markets, on two different continents. It was a busy week, filled with great conversations. Let us recap them for you.


Plug Power at ISE EXPO

Plug Power’s GenSure team spent the week in Fort Worth, Texas, interacting with professionals from the telecommunications industry. ISE EXPO is an industry-leading trade show for wireless and wireline network evolution, at which network professionals from around the world attend to learn and collaborate through educational and keynote sessions and face-to-face networking events. Plug Power exhibited our GenSure product line, with special emphasis on our integrated power and communications cabinet.


We also presented during the educational sessions on the topic, “How to Determine Whether a Fuel Cell Solution is Right for your Communications Site.” 

Fuel Cell Value Prop

Attendees were eager to walk through examples of a variety of different types of communication sites to discover which types of backup power are ideal solutions for each, and what changes to some use cases would make fuel cells the best solution. Our question & answer session went on long enough that the organizers had to interrupt, so the next session could start—that’s engagement!





Plug Power at IMHX

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, UK, we were also interacting with material handling professionals at IMHX, the UK’s largest and longest-running intralogistics event. Every two years, people involved in the handling, movement or transportation of goods come together to learn and do business.

IMHX 2019 exhibition director, Rob Fisher, stated in a press announcement: “Brexit has put supply chain issues at the top of every company’s agenda. It is forecast that in post-Brexit Britain, businesses will have little choice but to hold more stock closer to the point-of-consumption, and this means new storage sites will need to be built and existing units adapted where necessary to ensure that storage space is optimised.”

One of more than 400 companies on the show floor, Plug Power exhibited its full suite of material handling hydrogen and fuel cell products, GenDrive and GenFuel. These products are used in Europe by customers like Carrefour, FM Logistic and IKEA, providing our team with case study data for several meaningful discussions with attendees. We look forward to helping these companies to achieve their business goals.