Green Hydrogen at Work™

Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

Plug is proud to be the industry leader behind
the end-to-end green hydrogen

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Green Hydrogen at Work™

Produce and Liquefy Hydrogen

Plug is proud to offer its customers industry-leading
electrolyzer products and affordable green
hydrogen, which is quickly becoming the
molecule of choice for customers both large
and small.

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Green Hydrogen at Work™

Transport Hydrogen

Plug offers trailer solutions to transport
green hydrogen from production plants
to users around the world daily.

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Green Hydrogen at Work™

Store and Handle Hydrogen

Plug offers fully integrated turnkey handling
systems with capacities ranging from 60 kg
to 8,000 kg per day as liquid or gas.

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Green Hydrogen at Work™

Dispense Hydrogen

Plug ensures a perfect integration of the
fueling system with its fuel cell products,
including fast-fill and industrial IoT reporting.

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Green Hydrogen at Work™

Use Hydrogen

Plug's green hydrogen can power a spectrum
of applications to help the world safely meet
its environmental goals.

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Why Green Hydrogen?

Unlimited supply

Generated from renewable energy

Ready now!

Q1 Results Call

Date: May 9

Investor Letter

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Our world-changing customers

Our global growth partners

Plug and ACCIONA lead the green hydrogen platform of services in Spain and Portugal.

Plug and Renault Group lead the way with HYVIA, the first-to-market turnkey hydrogen mobility solutions.

Plug and SK Group lead the acceleration of hydrogen adoption in Asia.

An integrated energy company
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Total runtime hours


Hydrogen fills

500 TPD

Green hydrogen by 2025