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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Rock the Supply Chain

Jose Luis Crespo, Plug Power’s VP Global Sales, has been named to the 2018 Food Logistics’ Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award for leading the charge in building the global market for hydrogen fuel cells.  The award recognizes influential individuals in the food logistics industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped… Read more »

Plug Power’s GenDrive Shown at Tokyo FC EXPO

Important example of Commercially-Viable FCEV from leading provider Today, the global transportation market is saturated with gasoline and diesel vehicles, accounting for 96% of total fuel consumption and 21% of global carbon emissions. But, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)– and the hydrogen fueling infrastructures that support this application – are… Read more »

Fuel Cell-Powered AGVs – Hydrogen-Powered Robots Increasing Efficiency in Manufacturing

Plug Power is squarely focused on customer productivity – and providing the power to move businesses into the future with cost-effective hydrogen and fuel cell power solutions that increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints. Material handling fleets operate knowing that efficient material flow is essential to achieving… Read more »

FAQ from potential GenSure fuel cell customers

Plug Power currently has supplied more than 4,000 GenSure fuel cells to communications customers including Southern Linc, AT&T and CSX.  Today, we’re answering the top questions we receive from professionals considering a switch to hydrogen and fuel cells for their corporate backup power needs. What is a fuel cell? Through… Read more »