Year End Update – Our Customers Surpassed 16 Million Hydrogen Fills with GenFuel!

December 28, 2018

We began the year by sharing that Plug Power customers surpassed 10 million GenFuel hydrogen fills so it’s only appropriate that we close out the year with the news that the number of fills now stands at more than 16 million!

In the January 2018 post mentioned above, we provided some fun facts to illustrate just how much hydrogen had been dispensed. Now, in honor of the holiday season, we wanted to update those statistics but with a fun twist.

Many Plug Power customers count retail as a large part of their business, so you can imagine that at this time of year – as they work to ensure their own customers receive gifts, decorations, food and supplies in time for the holidays – they’re looking for any opportunity to be more efficient. Below are some statistics that illustrate just how big an impact fuel cell forklifts powered by hydrogen are making on this holiday rush:

  • Those workers in charge of parts and package distribution are especially grateful for the use of GenDrive fuel cell forklifts and GenFuel dispensers in their factories and distribution centers as the time saved across those 16 million refills just by using hydrogen fueling as opposed to swapping batteries equates to about 364 years*.
  • Our customers’ electric lift trucks have operated for almost 200 million run hours on 10 million kg of hydrogen pumped from Plug Power-designed hydrogen stations.  That’s a lot of reliable runtime, allowing busy workers to focus their attention on ensuring that groceries make it to the table and presents are under the tree!
  • If, instead of powering factory forklifts, that more than 10 million kgs of hydrogen dispensed was appropriated for a delivery vehicle, our customers could drive around the world 36,488 times — just think of all the road trip snacks that driver would need, might we suggest eggnog and cookies!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to close out the year showing such progress – but this is only the beginning! Our team at Plug Power are focused on exciting innovations for 2019 and we couldn’t be prouder of our part in driving the industry.


* Fuel cells: 16 million fuelings @ 3 minutes each = 91 years of refueling time. Batteries: 16 million swaps @ 15 minutes each = 455 years changing batteries.