Welcome to Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day – er, Week

October 7, 2019


national hydrogen & fuel cell day logo

At Plug Power, every day is Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day! But on October 8th, we join the world in celebrating our favorite technology. You’ll note that today is actually October 7th— not officially National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day just yet. We don’t think one day is enough, so we have a week full of content on deck.

First a few fun facts:

  • On September 26, the United States Senate passed Senate Resolution 346 unanimously, officially recognizing October 8, 2019 National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day for the United States.
  • This is the fifth year in a row the Senate has officially proclaimed this special day.
  • The date of October 8 (10/08) was chosen in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008). This activity has provided Plug Power and industry companies and supporters around the world a platform to raise broader awareness of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies.
  • For more information on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, please visit www.hydrogenfuelcellday.org.

What can you expect from Plug Power this week? We’ll be sharing a few things across our many communications channels and having some fun on our social media channels (follow along here). Stay tuned and join us as we celebrate our industry!