ReliOn Integrated OSP Solution a Finalist in Fierce Innovation Awards

(Note: Plug Power rebranded the ReliOn product as “GenSure” in 2016.)

Plug Power’s award-winning ReliOn Integrated OSP solution just got another feather in its cap. It has been ranked among the top contestants in the wireless telecom division of the 2015 Fierce Innovation Awards.

Awards applications were reviewed by an exclusive panel of executives from major telecommunications companies including U.S. Cellular, Cablevision, Verizon, TeliaSonera, Comcast, Sprint, and T-Mobile. All submissions were evaluated based on the following criteria: technology innovation, financial impact, market validation, compatibility with existing networks, end-user customer experience, and overall level of innovation.

The Plug Power ReliOn product is our integrated solution for 4G/LTE sites, currently being used by SouthernLINC Wireless in its new LTE rollout. As announced in early 2015, SouthernLINC Wireless is deploying this solution at up to 500 sites over the next five years. The improved power efficiencies of LTE equipment have been a major driver for the integration of the entire system.


A SouthernLINC site before transition to the ReliOn Integrated OSP solution
















A simplified SouthernLINC LTE site after incorporating Plug Power’s ReliOn Integrated OSP solution


The Integrated OSP solution organizes the following, in an environmentally hardened outdoor enclosure:

  • DC power and distribution equipment
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Battery technology
  • Dedicated space for LTE equipment

The solution combines the function of a traditional communications equipment shelter with a highly reliable, clean, cost-effective power system for 24×7 operations, significantly reducing capital costs and total cost of ownership.



58% footprint savings using Plug Power’s ReliOn integrated OSP solution compared to a small communications cabinet and combustion generator




87% footprint savings using Plug Power’s ReliOn integrated OSP solution compared to a small communications shelter and combustion generator



Plug Power’s ReliOn E-2500 hydrogen fuel cells provide backup power in a hybrid partnership with batteries designed to cover very short grid power outages, conserving hydrogen fuel for longer outages.

One or two fuel cells, rated at 2.5kW each, may be housed in the ReliOn outdoor cabinet, providing the flexibility to accommodate LTE sites of varying sizes. The E-series product family is Plug Power’s fourth generation of commercial fuel cell solutions with over 1,500 E-series units currently deployed in customer networks worldwide and a proven track record of reliable, low maintenance performance.

GenFuel hydrogen for the fuel cells is housed in an adjacent fuel storage cabinet that provides for 280 kilowatt-hours of runtime, or up to 4.5 days, before needing to be refilled. A multi-tiered solution provides fueling service for several typical scenarios:

  • Initial fills during the time of installation and commissioning.
  • Routine refills as needed keep the fuel cells ready to operate when they are called upon.
  • Seasonal top-offs allow preparation for hurricane season, winter storms or other anticipated outage events.
  • Scheduled disaster recovery refueling continues until the emergency is over and grid power is restored.

GenFuel hydrogen supply offers customers “peace of mind” refueling

With GenFuel, our customers simply place a call to their Plug Power support team. We make sure that fuel is delivered without delay, whether for routine, emergency or disaster recovery service needs.

The ReliOn solution with GenFuel hydrogen fueling reduces both capital costs and total cost of ownership. By integrating all necessary components into one enclosure, the onsite equipment footprint is optimized, resulting in reduced ground space lease requirements. This saves the operator money on recurring ground lease expenses and allows the integrated OSP solution to be utilized at sites where space is limited.

For more information on Plug Power’s ReliOn integrated OSP solution, visit our website or contact us at [email protected].