(Re) Introducing GenSure

April 5, 2016

Same power, same people, more capabilities. And now a new name.

As part of our global branding initiative, Plug Power is introducing GenSure, its reliable stationary power fuel cell product formerly known as ReliOn. Plug Power has grown the market of hydrogen fuel cells significantly over the last decade and is now taking the time to refocus its brand and mission on the new and expanded market opportunities ahead of it.

A big part of that is GenSure and the GenKey turnkey solution offering now made available for customers with needs for stationary fuel cells. GenSure continues the tradition of providing the quality and excellence of Plug Power products to customers in need of dependable backup power complemented by the fuel delivery and ongoing service capabilities now available through GenKey turnkey solutions.



Our GenSure E-series suite of stationary fuel cell solutions meets critical customer backup, grid-supplement and off-grid power needs for markets including telecommunications, railroads, utilities and government. Plug Power’s GenSure fuel cell solutions provide scalable, clean, cost-effective performance while offering an unparalleled degree of flexibility in addressing the space and runtime constraints of customer locations, with both indoor shelter and outdoor cabinet options.

Unlike traditional generator or battery power technologies, which can be unpredictable and maintenance-heavy, GenSure systems deliver reliable power over the widest range of operating environments. With more than 100 million installed hours of site power protection, GenSure products are field proven.


Why should customers spend time sourcing and calling hydrogen providers when it is time to refuel? Plug Power couples its GenSure fuel cell systems with GenFuel, a turnkey hydrogen fueling solution for stationary customers, to ensure that these customers’ fuel cell power solution is ready to operate at all times.

Comprehensive GenFuel hydrogen storage enables customers to house fuel on site, maintaining a constant fuel supply as needed for the highly reliable GenSure fuel cell systems. A variety of storage options are available, providing the ability to scale the hydrogen supply to meet a wide array of runtime requirements.

The GenFuel model for stationary power applications offers a multi-level response menu to accommodate our customers’ operational needs:
• Initial fills during the time of installation and commissioning
• Routine refills keep the fuel cells ready to operate when they are called upon
• Seasonal top-offs allow preparation for hurricane season, winter storms or other anticipated outage events
• Scheduled disaster recovery refueling continues until the emergency is over and grid power is restored

GenFuel’s one-stop turnkey solutions simplify the transition to GenSure fuel cells.


Plug Power now offers GenCare services to our stationary customers!

GenCare provides ongoing service for both GenSure fuel cells and GenFuel hydrogen infrastructure, offering a menu of tiered services on either a comprehensive or a la carte basis. Services include everything from preventive maintenance, health checks and managed spares programs to monitoring, in-the-field service and extended warranty options.

Proactive one-stop shopping makes it easy to ensure that our customers’ GenSure fuel cells are ready to provide optimal power when power is critical. With comprehensive customer care, our customers Power Their Possibilities.


Sensible, market-based solutions win out over one-size-fits-all units every time. That’s the beauty of Plug Power’s GenSure hydrogen fuel cell—it offers a solution that makes sense economically, operationally and environmentally. GenKey takes the complexity out of the equation for customers by delivering a complete solution, including power, fuel