PowerSpot: Natalie Bova

July 13, 2020


This is PowerSpot, Plug Power’s monthly blog series where we highlight the Plug Power employees who inspire us and, we hope, will inspire you, too. Today, we’re meeting Human Resources Manager, Natalie Bova.

Natalie, could you please explain what you do for a living in 20 words or fewer?

I help to oversee our benefits, performance management, employee relations, compensation and HR compliance here at Plug Power. 

What is one of the most interesting things about your role at Plug Power?

The most interesting part of my role is that I have the opportunity to interact with everyone at Plug Power, regardless of the department, due to the nature of my position. I really enjoy building relationships with all of our employees, so I can always be a resource to themPlus, in my role, I can help select options including benefits, which I know make a difference in their day-to-day lives – and that’s very cool.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you want?

This is a tough one, I am stuck between flight and time traveling. I think I’d have to go with time traveling, as it would be extremely fascinating to witness major historical events live & in person! I’d love to spend some time in each decade as they were all so unique in their own way (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.).

What motivates you to work hard?

My parents. They sacrificed a lot when I was growing up to ensure that both my brothers and I had every opportunity available to us. They always encouraged, supported and motivated us to work hard and taught us that eventually it would pay off. I am very thankful for that because I am now working for a fantastic company that is making a difference in the world, while also performing a job I really enjoy!

If you could choose to do any job for a day, what would it be?

I have always had a love for food, so I’d have to be a food blogger! To be able to try new foods and share my favorites with others, so that they could enjoy them as well, would be awesome. Anytime an employee from out of town is visiting the Latham office, I am the first person to recommend a restaurant to them, because who doesn’t love good food?  

You are finishing up with an HR Leadership Program, yes? What’s the program and why did you opt to pursue it?

Yes, I am currently in the CRHRA HR Leadership Program, which is a leadership program designed for Human Resources Professionals in the Albany, NY area. The program is well-known in the HR community in the Capital Region and its purpose is to bring HR professionals with diverse backgrounds and leadership potential together to better equip them to assume leadership responsibilities in their companies. The participants are given the opportunity to meet with preeminent HR leaders in the area and discuss the unique challenges that HR professionals face in various industries. The program has been an extremely valuable experience where I have been able to broaden my HR network, while also building my leadership skills. Unfortunately, the program was paused due to COVID-19; however, I am excited to pick up where we left off in the early fall. 

We’re very glad to have Natalie on the Plug Power team!