PowerSpot: Lisa Kent

April 15, 2021

This is PowerSpot, Plug Power’s monthly blog series where we highlight the Plug Power employees who inspire us and, we hope, will inspire you, too. Today, we’re hearing from Lisa Kent. Lisa is currently Plug Power’s Process Engineering Technician, but has held several positions in her sixteen years with Plug Power.

Please explain what you do for a living in 20 words or fewer.

My job allows me to wear many hats, focusing on technical training and solving issues by helping wherever needed.

Tell us one of the most extraordinary/unusual experiences you’ve had in your career.

Being asked at 53 if I would like to pilot a journeyman program.
I am in awe of the opportunity to go through a journey worker program to expand on the base knowledge I have learned here at Plug Power. Raising two children on my own kept me busy and I could not find the time to continue my education with a full time job, children, and the many outside charities I am involved in. Who knew I would have an opportunity to continue my education now?

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?  Why?

I am not one of those who can answer this question, as I believe in living in the present. Being here now.

I think too many of us are always looking for the next step to be happy when you will never get there until you can be happy with where you are at.

To Quote Eleanor Roosevelt; “Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”

What is your favorite movie and why is it at the top of your list?

I probably have three different collections of the series “The Lord of The Rings.” When I can get with my youngest child for a visit, we will do a Lord of Rings marathon … nine hours or so.

I love the fight between good and evil portrayed and the message that working together is the only way to win.

So many of us try to be an island of one, when goals are met and completed by sharing the load.

Do you have a life philosophy?  What is it?

I believe “Actions speak louder than words.”

It means exactly what it says. For me I need to DO, not just say I will.

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

My mom, Linda Kent, my daughters, Katelynn and Raquel Gaffney, and my grandson, and Michael Butler.

This is an easy question for me as I love my family and I try to place no other above them.

What is your favorite activity outside of Plug Power?

Wind Therapy … that’s what I call riding my motorcycle. This is something that became a thrill after a cancer diagnosis a few years ago. I am in remission…no worries…. but I even went out and bought a brand-new motorcycle to enjoy. I love cruising up to Thatcher Park and taking in all the awe at the overlook alone or with a group of riders.

Lisa has held such a variety of roles at Plug Power. We’re inspired by her commitment to the company and the industry.