Plug Power’s Covid Concierge

April 6, 2021

From the beginning of the pandemic, when most employees were sent home to work, continuing today and into the future, Plug Power has had the support of its employees as one of its main focuses. Recently, in order to assist employees with the vaccination process in the many states in which Plug Power employees live and work, the company has hired a vaccine coordinator. We call her the Covid Concierge.

Covid Concierge

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Plug Power added 427 new jobs, a 49.7% increase from the previous year. Importantly, we did not eliminate any positions during this time. Today, we employ over 1,300 people across the country and have almost 200 open positions that must be filled immediately. That’s a lot of people who are—or soon will be—eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination. 


It can be overwhelming for individual employees to keep up with the ever-changing eligibility status and determine when they are allowed to be vaccinated. The Covid Concierge will remain knowledgeable about vaccine eligibility state-by-state and proactively communicate to employees as eligibility changes.


Once an employee is eligible for vaccination, they still have to make an appointment. As busy Plug Power employees, individuals often don’t have time to sort through websites and locations to find and secure appointments as they come available. The Covid Concierge will be offering assistance in scheduling appointments on behalf of the employee. 


Not everyone has personal transportation and, as we know, public transportation may not be an option yet, due to Covid restrictions. If needed, the Covid Concierge will coordinate individual transportation for the employee to and from their vaccination appointment(s). 

Knowledge Share

There’s a lot of information out there – and it gets updated as medical professionals and government bodies learn more about Covid and vaccines. The Covid Concierge will be a resource to answer questions employees may have about any topic related to Covid or the company’s response or plans. 

I would hazard a guess that everyone reading this has a good understanding of the term “Covid fatigue.” At Plug Power, the Covid Concierge is helping to make things just a little easier for all employees. And sometimes, a little bit goes a long way.