Plug Power West Hosts Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

On Monday, June 19th, Plug Power’s Spokane, WA office hosted a visit from Representative McMorris Rodgers during a technology tour she was taking in her home district.  Sitting at the forefront of innovation, the Plug Power team was excited to highlight the paradigm-changing work done on a daily basis, in engineering, manufacturing and market creation.

ProGen fuel cell assembly
David Lincks, Spokane Director of Operations, explains how ProGen fuel cell engines are assembled
Cathy McMorris Rodgers views a forklift fuel cell
Scott Spink and Gary Flood describe how a GenDrive fuel cell replaces batteries in forklifts to provide clean, efficient, cost-effective power.


Plug Power’s Spokane office is a hub of technology, tasked with designing and manufacturing ProGen fuel cell stacks for several of its GenDrive products, used with material handling customers, as well as GenSure fuel cells, used with customers for communications backup power.


Following a facility tour, the Representative met with employees in a town hall format, to discuss her current focus on energy and answer questions related to other issues important to Washington State, the U.S. and our nation’s expanding place in the world: education affordability, trade and working cooperatively to find solutions to challenges.

Committed people, producing American-made products, leading clean energy innovation.  That’s Plug Power.