Plug Power Thanks Board Member for 20 Years of Dedication to Furthering the Commercialization of Fuel Cells

June 14, 2017

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A dedicated member of Plug Power’s Board of Directors, Mr. Larry Garberding, has retired from Plug Power after 20 years of dedicated service and leadership in our industry. Plug Power gives many thanks to a leader who has helped shape the commercial path for hydrogen and fuel cells around the world.

Larry’s involvement with Plug Power extends back to day one – Mr. Garberding is noted as a founder for the company, along with Chairman of the Board, George McNamee. Mr. Garberding has been involved in every significant strategic decision in Plug Power’s history, staring with the IPO in 1999.

Larry has seen Plug Power mature through many stages, from when it was defined as a research and development company, to now, when the company is serving customers like Amazon, Walmart, BMW and Carrefour.

“Larry has served as a faithful board member and audit committee chair during his tenure on the board” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power. “Plug Power has emerged as the hydrogen and fuel cell industry leader by leveraging the skills and insight Larry has brought to the table over the years, and we deeply thank him for his time, service and dedication to the Company. He will be missed.”

His leadership has helped build the foundation that has enabled Plug Power’s current commercial success. Congratulations on your retirement, Larry.