Plug Power: Taking center stage at NASDAQ

August 17, 2016

What’s it take to become a clean technology market leader?

It takes movers.
Movers who help move mountains every day.

More specifically, it takes people who are moving an entire industry into the future – powering possibilities today, allowing the world to imagine what it could be.

Plug Power is that leader, a collection of the best and brightest minds in the industry who are working every day to turn innovative visions into reality.

Today, these leaders take to New York City to close the NASDAQ with Infinite Drive, the phrase we use to both describe our own company ambitions as well as the value we share with our customers.  Forty members of our trail-blazing, risk-taking, makers-at-heart cohort are representing Plug Power to celebrate accomplishments that no other company has achieved before.

These are things like:

  • Powering more electric vehicles with hydrogen than anyone else in the world
  • Unmatched experience with over 120 million hours of runtime in mobility applications
  • More than 3 million hydrogen refuelings of industrial electric vehicles with Plug Power GenFuel hydrogen infrastructure systems – this equates to a fill every [5] seconds, versus one every [10] seconds this times last year

Plug Power is undeniably the innovator powering possibilities globally with a focused drive that is changing the way the world moves.

Let’s meet some of the team!

  • Steve Delmonaco: Steve’s worked with Plug Power for more than two years as our senior engineer for hydrogen energy systems. Steve’s working on the design and deployment of new GenFuel offerings, enabling Plug Power to serve an even larger market.
  • Mani Ramani: A long-timer, Mani’s been with Plug Power for 12 years and leads our chemical engineering department. Mani and his team are heads-down regarding the Plug Power stack design and reliability.
  • Scott Spink: Scott joined Plug Power with the Spokane team. Scott’s expertise and leadership in fuel cell design and testing has helped move our in-house GenDrive system innovations forward.
  • Holly Wiles-Pemburn: An asset to our legal and government relations team, Holly has been critical to Plug Power’s work seeking an extension of the federal investment tax credit.
  • Doug Levey: Lead of Plug Power’s Customer Service team, Doug supports customers domestically and overseas, enabled with our intelligent systems.
  • Dave Hancock: Another long-timer, Dave is Plug Power’s director of mechanical engineering. His team works on GenDrive and GenFuel product development and also have a hand in developing the range extender product.
  • John Ruiz: With 16-years of service under his belt, today’s John is a senior mechanical designer responsible for making our GenDrive class three systems not only comply to engineering and manufacturing specifications, but also carry the Plug Power swagger into the product scheme.

*This list certainly does not capture all of our superstars. Follow Plug Power on Facebook and Twitter for profiles of other NASDAQ-Closers throughout the day.

Plug Power is a people-first company, building for the future on the brilliance, dedication and determination of all of us, together. It’s with pride and swagger, that we bring with us #InfiniteDrive.