Plug Power Speaks to the New Jersey Assembly

October 12, 2018

Plug Power has been joining the industry in celebrating National Fuel Cell Day (10.8) all week.  Yesterday, Plug Power joined representatives from Honda, Toyota, FuelCell Energy, Air Liquide and Nel Hydrogen in addressing the New Jersey Assembly on the role of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in job creation and carbon emission reduction. The joint meeting included both the Commerce and Economic Development and Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology committees.

New Jersey Assembly

Gerry Conway, Plug Power’s General Counsel, asserted that New Jersey is a leader in adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, ultimately influencing energy resilience, environmentally critical policies, and in-State green jobs. The State is home to several Plug Power customers, including two Amazon sites, two FreezPak sites, and one Newark Farmer’s Market facility.

In total, these customers utilize more than 920 fuel cells deployed in electric lift trucks across the State.

Plug Power in New Jersey

He went on to share that Plug Power is the first to have created a market for hydrogen fuel cell technology and has the leading in-field experience for the material handling application.

  •  More than 21,000 GenDrive units deployed in electric lift trucks globally
  •  More than 70 GenFuel hydrogen stations built across the USA; on average, every five seconds, a hydrogen refueling is performed from a GenFuel hydrogen station

The New Jersey Assembly was very receptive to the testimony from all participating companies and were also treated to a Ride & Drive of some of the commercially-available fuel cell cars following the meeting.  

Fuel Cell Ride & Drive

Comments following the event included:

  • Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, D-37th District: “I think the future is today,” Johnson said. “Fuel cells are some of the most cutting-edge technology we have.”\

  • Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, D-Middlesex: “There are challenges with the technology, but there are also massive advantages of it. And I think the charge of these committees is going to be what do we do to make sure we put public policies in place so that New Jersey is really at the forefront of leading an innovation charge. Because this leads to not just new types of vehicles but to jobs. And good jobs.”

This was a great way to wrap up National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day – week:  focusing on current customers and jobs and planning for a future that includes sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.