Plug Power Speaks at the Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress in Rugao, China

November 13, 2017

Bin Du at Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress

Plug Power was in Rugao, China last week for the 2nd International Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC).  Dr. Bin Du spoke for Plug Power in the “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Commercialization” session.  Other speakers in this session included Dongfeng, Yutong Bus, Foton Bus of Beijing Auto Group, First Auto Group (FAG), Youngman Bus, SinoHytec and Horizon Fuel Cell.

Dr. Du discussed Plug Power’s dominance in the industrial electric vehicle market, citing 19,000 fuel cell units deployed in forklifts and other material handling equipment, with a combined 150 million operating hours and more than 8.5 million successful hydrogen fuelings completed by operators.  Prominent customers in this segment include Amazon, Walmart, BMW, P&G, Home Depot – and others.

Dongfeng fuel cell delivery truck

He went on to speak about the advancements Plug Power is making in the larger electric vehicle market.  Plug Power’s ProGen fuel cell engines currently power delivery vans for Dongfeng and FedEx, where they are moving Plug Power’s industry-leading fuel cell electric vehicle experience into new, but related motive applications.

Fuel Cell Trends in the Motive Industry

As the world embraces an electrified future, hydrogen and fuel cells provide solutions that enable important goals and trends toward fuller asset utilization, predictability, cost savings and reducing CO2 emissions.  Plug Power will continue to work with leaders across the globe to drive toward this future.


Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress