Plug Power Speaks at June Events

July 19, 2021

Summer events are heating up and Plug Power took advantage of several interesting virtual and in-person speaking opportunities in the month of June to share our perspective on the developing green hydrogen economy and Plug Power’s leadership role. We’re happy to share some of the highlights here.

Event: Hydrogen Americas Summit

Date: June 8, 2021

Session: Hydrogen Applications –  Priorities in Decarbonizing Heavy Industry  

Speaker: Sanjay Shrestha, Chief Strategy Officer

Sanjay Shrestha

The Hydrogen Americas Summit is a four-day event that gathers government representatives, hydrogen and energy stakeholders, service providers and end users to discuss hydrogen opportunities across the entire continent.

Sanjay joined panelists Maurizio Stucchi, Head of Industry of FRIEM and Dr. Maurizio Ponzetto, Senior Director Power System of Neeltran Inc., for a discussion about meeting key challenges in the built environment with clean tech innovation, led by Dr. Laura Nelson, Special Advisor of Green Hydrogen Coalition.

Sanjay highlighted the role of green hydrogen in decarbonization in transportation and industrial markets, noting that the technology already exists – it’s just a matter of executing at scale.

Key quote: “We can’t afford to do nothing. We have to leave this world better than when we got here.” 

Event: American Hydrogen Forum

Date: June 9, 2021

Session: Building the Green Hydrogen Economy 

Speaker: Andy Marsh, CEO

Andy Marsh

The American Hydrogen Forum provided a platform for relevant stakeholders from the government, research, technology and service sectors to join a clean energy debate and collaborate in searching for sustainable hydrogen economy solutions. Andy’s keynote presentation discussed the growth of the green hydrogen economy and Plug Power’s role in driving toward an estimated global annual CO2 reduction of 6GT by 2050.

Andy Marsh presents at American Hydrogen Forum

Andy discussed the tailwinds driving the hydrogen economy, which include the aggressive plans of many world nations as well as a roadmap for cost-effective decarbonization. He went on to discuss Plug Power’s vision for hydrogen and how the company’s vertical integration and partnerships with world leading companies are accelerating Plug Power’s green hydrogen strategy.  

Session: Hydrogen Technologies and Solutions

Speaker: Sanjay Shrestha, CSO

Sanjay Shrestha

Sanjay joined panelists Richard Gottwald, President & CEO, Compressed Gas Association – Moderator , Steve Beeston, Vice President, Technology Licensing, Wood, Stan Knez, SVP Process Technology, Technip Energies, and David Alonso, Regional Vice President, New Equipment Sales, Mitsubishi Power in discussing hydrogen technologies and solutions. 

Sanjay discussed the role of comprehensive solutions that help end users seamlessly transition their facilities to hydrogen and fuel cell solutions. The same platform allows Plug Power to serve multiple industries with our growing generation capability of low-cost green hydrogen.

Plug Power is a vertically-integrated company

Event: POWERGEN Plus Hydrogen Webinar

Date: June 23, 2021

Session: Hydrogen in Action – Latest advancements on H2 Infrastructure and Integration 

Speaker: Darin Painter, VP Sales, Stationary Power

Darin Painter

Darin presented to a group of registered attendees representing utilities and corporations involved in utility-scale power production. His presentation covered the importance of sustainable power and the advancements in green hydrogen and fuel cell products developed to meet the needs of a decarbonizing world. The audience was very engaged and the  presentation was followed by a robust Q&A session, with many more questions asked than there was time to answer. 

Plug Power serves multiple markets

Plug Power is leading the drive to create the green hydrogen economy through both thought leadership and action. We’re proud of the work we do every day and excited to share it as we continue to spread the news at more events this year.