Plug Power showcases GSEs at Tennessee Clean Air Month Festivities

In connection with Clean Air Month, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), and Tennessee Clean Fuels hosted a sustainable transportation forum in downtown Nashville. The day featured a showcase of alternative fuel vehicles, including the Plug Power ProGen-powered ground support equipment (GSE), currently operating in Charlatte tuggers at the FedEx terminal at the Memphis airport.

The event attracted representatives spanning from federal, state and local governments to commercial, nonprofit and industrial organizations. The Plug Power team, and our partners, took this opportunity to reiterate the strong use case for fuel cells used in airport ground support equipment.

Fuel cell value proposition

Since deployment, the units have demonstrated 96+% uptime. There is no denying that these units have been aggressively, yet successfully, utilized in the rugged and demanding environment of the Memphis airport.

Plug Power ProGen fuel cells power FedEx tuggers

The impressive performance in a demanding environment can be attributed to the next-generation units using the ProGen hydrogen fuel cell engine, which have decisively demonstrated increased reliability versus the first-generation GSE unit technology. This uptime data bodes well for other Plug Power customer programs – the ProGen hydrogen engine systems that are used in the Memphis GSE products are similar to the ProGen systems used for the delivery van and fleet vehicle range extender applications.

With every successful demonstration, Plug Power continues to instill confidence in customers, like FedEx, that hydrogen and fuel cells are a viable option to satisfy power demands in an increasingly electric world. The Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Showcase audience walked away understanding two things: robust alternative fuel vehicles are being used in the State and Plug Power is the leader changing the way the world moves. #InfiniteDrive