Plug Power Named to Food Logistics’ 2017 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers List

December 15, 2017

Food Logistics, a publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Plug Power to its 2017 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list.

“New developments and innovations in the software and technology sector are making sizeable impacts on the global food supply chain,” noted Lara L. Sowinski, editorial director for Food Logistics and its sister publication, Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “The result is a greater visibility, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced shelf life for perishables, and the emergence of a more proactive and nimble food supply chain that benefits both the food industry and its logistics partners, as well as the end consumer.”

One of the largest challenges in supply chain and logistics operations is how to increase productivity at each facility so that operations can be more efficient while bolstering the bottom line and reducing environmental footprint in the process.  Plug Power offers a cost-effective hydrogen fuel cell forklift power solution – a technology that drives both efficiency and sustainability for businesses that include Amazon, Walmart, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, FreezPak and Colruyt, among a growing list.

Notably, Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell technology provides customers with operational benefits including:

  • 100% power during a full shift, even in freezers, increasing truck productivity with zero-emissions performance vs. traditional batteries
  • Ability to remove space-wasting battery rooms, allowing companies to be far more efficient with their warehouse space while at the same time lowering facility electricity costs.
  • Hydrogen refueling that takes under 3 minutes to complete and is as easy as refueling a car at a gas pump- increasing both operator productivity and convenience at the same time.

hydrogen dispenser

Plug Power’s customers have performed more than 9.3 million fuel cell forklift hydrogen fills – that’s 15,000 every day.  Globally, there are more than 19 thousand lift trucks powered by Plug Power fuel cells operating around the clock, proving that hydrogen fuel cells are making a difference today in a growing number of large and medium-sized businesses.

Changing the way the world moves.  #InfiniteDrive