Plug Power GenDrive fuel cells power equipment at Walmart Import DC in Alabama

August 21, 2018

Expand presence from Grocery and Retail into Import Distribution

Walmart has announced the opening of a new import distribution center (IDC) in Mobile, Alabama. The The 2.6 million-square-foot facility will support more than 750 jobs for the area, provide a major boost to the Port of Mobile, and will operate 100% of its 182-truck electric forklift fleet on Plug Power GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells.

The new storage and cross-dock facility will supply several regional distribution centers that support approximately 700 Walmart stores in Alabama, Mississippi and beyond. Plug Power’s deep history with Walmart has supported grocery and retail distribution centers (DCs)– ensuring improving productivity of fleets which move goods from DCs to stores. With entry into the IDC market, GenDrive-powered equipment will impact Walmart’s ability to efficiently and efficiently handle cargo volume from the Port of Mobile.