Plug Power CEO is Keynote Speaker at Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Policy Forum 2017

May 12, 2017

Plug Power’s CEO, Andy Marsh, joined industry leadership from Air Liquide, Doosan Fuel Cell America, Toyota and the Department of Energy as keynote speakers at the 2017 Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Policy Forum. The group provided updates on the latest fuel cell and hydrogen advancements, specifically pointing to commercial deployments of fuel cell electric vehicles – including material handling equipment, hydrogen fueling and power generation.

Great progress has been made by Plug Power and others in developing reliable hydrogen and fuel cell systems that offer end-users an economically, and ecologically, viable return on investment. Plug Power feels it is important that industry partners engage in dialogue to promote the continued adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technology by companies – small and large – in the United States and internationally.

Plug Power’s key initiatives are designed to capitalize on the long-term trend of electrification that is shaping the motive industry and driving innovation in high-growth markets around the world. Lower total cost of ownership, simplicity, flexibility of design and reduced emissions are all drivers in the move towards electrification. Fuel cell engines provide electric drive-trains with the benefits of traditional combustion engines – long run times and range, fast refueling, and appropriate power and energy density. Plug Power is specifically targeting areas in which hydrogen fuel cells provide unique advantages and are a logical enabler such as fleet vehicles like forklift trucks, delivery vans, taxis, AGV’s and drones. In these applications hydrogen fuel cells offer longer runtimes, elimination of recharging downtime, greater predictability in operations, and lower energy costs versus lithium ion or lead acid batteries.

Why is this important? Because today, the United States of America is the leader in hydrogen fuel cell development, manufacturing and deployment. This industry is paving the way hydrogen-based power is being used commercially around the world with innovations that are impacting mobility and stationary power solutions in significant ways.

The session, hosted by the Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA), happened today in Washington DC.