Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh Talks Hydrogen Fuel Cells on CNBC’s Mad Money

July 29, 2020

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh recently appeared on CNBC’s “Mad Money” to discuss the state of the modern hydrogen economy and Plug Power’s surging momentum with host Jim Cramer. The one-on-one conversation touched on a number of topics, including the rising demand among retailers for carbon-neutral energy solutions, the unique value proposition of green hydrogen, and Plug Power’s vital role powering retail logistics in the post-pandemic era. 

Andy’s CNBC appearance arrives on the heels of Plug Power’s recently completed acquisitions of United Hydrogen Group Inc. and Giner ELX. The addition of the two companies to the Plug Power roster marks a crucial moment in the Company’s five-year vertical integration strategy, which aims to see Plug Power become one of the largest green hydrogen generation companies in the United States and globally thereafter. 

“This is a real company with real business,” Andy said during his interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer. “The acquisitions actually complete the total systems solution we bring [to our] customers. So, for Amazon, we built the hydrogen stations, we provide the fuel cells, we provide the aftermarket service, and now we can provide them green Hydrogen…We’re doing this because our customers told us they want green solutions, and this is how we went about solving the problem they put in front of us. ”

Cramer, a prominent stock market expert who has previously expressed some skepticism about hydrogen investment, was bullish on Plug Power’s prospects. As he said at the end of his conversation with Andy: “As soon as I saw you do those two acquisitions, I said I’ve got to get Plug Power and this is not the Plug Power that I’m used to. This is a vertically integrated energy company.”

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