Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh, joins Global Hydrogen Leaders in CA for Climate Conferences

September 12, 2018

    Marsh travels to California this week to showcase advances in the material handling sector

Global hydrogen leaders are assembling in San Francisco, CA this week for business and climate conferences, including the Global Climate Action Summit. This major climate conference is hosted by the Governor of California, UNFCCC, Michael Bloomberg, and other key organizations in the space. This year’s theme, Take Ambition to the Next Level, will celebrate the achievements made thus far by governments, businesses, investors, and citizens working to reduce global emissions. Considering Plug Power’s continuous efforts to introduce innovative hydrogen energy solutions to the market, the company and Mr. Marsh are thrilled to speak in conjunction with an event that so closely ties with its core mission.

Mr. Marsh will speak at the co-hosted California Hydrogen Business Council and Hydrogen Council event Integrating Large Scale Renewables and Decarbonization of the Energy Sector with Renewable Hydrogen. The three-hour workshop will highlight the key roles renewable hydrogen can play in the energy future of states and countries around the globe that seek to significantly increase the share of renewables. Marsh and other keynotes will present and discuss pathways for renewable energy expansion and transportation electrification with renewable hydrogen and associated challenges, and experiences in California.