Plug Power Celebrates the 6th Annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

October 9, 2020

by Andy Marsh, CEO Plug Power

On October 8, Plug Power celebrated the 6th Annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day alongside our industry colleagues, friends and customers in the hydrogen and clean energy community. While this year’s activities were mostly held virtually, we were heartened to see even greater enthusiasm for green hydrogen among participants and observers, a testament to the conviction of hydrogen’s longtime advocates and growing recognition of its role in achieving a zero-emission future. If anything, this year’s innovative virtual formats allowed us to engage with even more global stakeholders, expanding our view of progress and policy updates in markets worldwide.  

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day logo

This year marks the 6th year in a row that the United States Congress has passed resolutions recognizing National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. Held on October 8th in a reference to the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008), it was created to raise awareness of the advantages of hydrogen fuel and clean energy technology. Plug Power has taken part each year, bringing together thought leaders and joining conversations on important market developments and technology milestones. This year, I kicked off the week by joining a webinar hosted by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, where I discussed how advances in hydrogen refueling infrastructure and continued bipartisan political support will help us achieve the scenarios outlined in the industry’s recent McKinsey report, “Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy.” According to the report, by 2050, hydrogen could help meet 14% of US energy demand while reducing carbon emissions and generating nearly $750 billion in revenue for market participants.

Among many highlights from the week, the Hydrogen Online Conference also stands out. The virtual conference welcomed thousands of executives, experts and policymakers over a full 24 hours to discuss key issues for the hydrogen economy. This included policy progress in countries like Australia, Japan and the U.S., roadmaps for priority sectors like heavy-duty trucking, advances in critical technology including electrolysis and more. During the session hosted by Plug Power, our Chief Strategy Officer, Sanjay Shrestha, spoke about the progress the hydrogen economy has already made and how it is likely to evolve looking forward, as demonstrated by Plug Power’s growth plan. 

Despite the many challenges and disruptions, hydrogen champions have much to celebrate this year, from growing enthusiasm for the sector from global financial institutions to Plug Power’s recent acquisitions as part of its vertical integration strategy. Today, there is more momentum and opportunity in the clean hydrogen economy than ever before. With the continued support of policymakers in the U.S. and around the world, there is nothing that can stop hydrogen’s rise. 

We look forward to continuing these discussions throughout the year and again at next year’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!